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Access Bank Past Questions And Answers: If you applied for the Access Bank recruitment, this post is for you. In this article, we will teach you how to download the Access Bank Recruitment Past Questions And Answer PDF to your Android phone and computer. This Ebook is a compilation of questions and answers from past Access Bank recruitment exercises from the aptitude exam.

This ebook is a compilation of preliminary aptitude test questions and answers compiled for Access Bank’s recruiting activities. It is frequently updated with the most recent questions as they are made accessible by our researchers, and it is meant to be a thorough preparation tool for interested applicants. This book will be very useful to applicants who have been invited to the bank’s aptitude screening test since it will allow them to prepare properly.

How to Pass Access Bank Aptitude Test

The finest advice you can receive if you want to scale in any examination or test is to grasp the structure and pattern of that examination. This knowledge will ultimately become quite valuable since it will help you understand the practice tests you may use while writing a recruiting exam.

The Access Bank Recruitment Exam Past Questions & Answers Material can help you grasp the recruitment test, which will eventually transform your study schedule. Furthermore, you will have the ability to ask questions and receive real-time exam updates. Indeed, this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and I won’t say anything more.

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Content  of Access Bank Recruitment Past Questions 

The Access Bank Jobs Test Questions study guide is based on the following topics:

  • English
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Common Knowledge

Sample Questions Access Bank Recruitment Aptitude Test Exam Past Questions

1. A shopkeeper sold an article for Rs. 6,750 after being given a discount of 10% on the labeled price. He would have earned a profit of 50%, had there been no discount. What was the actual percentage of profit earned?

  • (a) 36
  • (b) 40
  • (c) 35
  • (d) Cannot be determined
  • (e) None of these

2. Mr. Anand deposited a total amount of N65,000 in three different schemes A, B, and C

with rates of interest 12 p.c.p.a., 16 p.c.p.a. and 18 p.c.p.a. respectively and earned a total interest of N10,180 in one year. If the amount invested in Scheme A was 72% of the amount invested in Scheme ‘C’, what was the amount invested in Scheme B?

  • (a) N25,000
  • (b) N22,000
  • (c) N18,000
  • (d) Cannot be determined
  • (e) None of these

3. A man received a cheque in which the nairas were transposed for kobo and vice versa. After spending 5 naira 42 kobos, he discovered that he now had exactly six times the value of the correct cheque amount. What amount should he have received?

  • (a) N6.44
  • (b) N3.22
  • (c) N18.25
  • (d) N8.36

How To Download Access Past Questions and Answers.

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Past questions and answers for the Access Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions Answers cost 2,000  (only two thousand nairas).

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