DPR Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers PDF

DPR Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions: Are you  Online looking for DPR questions and answers from the past Exams? You’ve applied for DPR work. No more worry. We have gathered detailed Department of Petroleum Resources DPR Past Questions and Answers for an easy download, which is now in PDF format.

DPR Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions

DPR Past Questions and Answer

Firstly, your performance at any exam depends on your knowledge of the essence of the exam. This will really let you know the right way to plan. Knowing what to expect would certainly help you focus on the right research for the DPR Recruitment Test. Seeing the previous questions and reactions is a realistic way to get an idea of what the exam looks like.

DPR is a governmental agency with a wage structure that is federal. There’ll be a million Nigerians doing anything to get a chance to work there. This simply means its not by accident to get an invite, don’t lose it out of recklessness.

Over the years, past questions from the DPR recruitment test indicate that questions are repeated each year. And, with the DPR recruitment test, 85 percent of students who made it to the interview stage studied previous questions and responses extensively.

The DPR Aptitude test is extracted from these key areas 

  • English/verbal Reasoning
  • Basic maths/Arithmetics
  • Oil and Gas Basic Knowledge
  • General Knowledge (Economics, Current Affairs, History, Government, etc)
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1) If a measuring stick shows the water surface is 6 feet below the top of the tank, what is the amount of water in cubic ft in the tank?

A.  170.2 ft3
B.  254.4 ft3
C.  1017.9 ft3
D.  678.6 ft3.

2) What is the tank’s weight in pounds, if the tank itself weighs 20 lbs per ft in height, as in the above case?

A.  63,424 lbs
B.  42,241 lbs
C.  16,151 lbs
D.  10,605 lbs.

3) How much water in gallons would have to be removed to reduce the total weight of the tank plus water, as in the above case, by 20%?
A.  388 gals
B.  3,230 gals
C.  2,121 gals
D.  626 gals.

4) What will be the new water level, as measured from the top of the tank, if the water (20 % of the total weight equivalent) is removed in the above case?
A.  10.4 ft
B.  12.7 ft
C.  7.1 ft
D.  7.8 ft.

5) The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) was established in what year?

A. 1960
B. 1987
C. 1977
D. 1962

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