FIRS Recruitment Past Questions And Answers PDF 2023

FIRS Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions: One of the main aspects of the recruitment exercise for the Federal Inland Revenue Service is the aptitude test. Your dream of becoming part of this regulatory body is as good as gone, even though you are eligible to apply if you dont pass the Federal Inland Revenue Service  FIRS recruitment exam.


FIRS Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers PDF

FIRS Recruitment  Past Questions 2021

Preparing for the Federal Inland Revenue Service FIRS recruitment exams With up-to-date FIRS past questions and answers will enable you to have an advantage over those who are not preparing for the exams. So, if you download a copy of previous FIRS questions and answers, then you will have to start planning for your interview as you may face the same questions as those in your copy of previous questions and answers.

Literally, from the following core areas, questions for the FIRS recruitment test are randomly selected:

  •  English language
  • Mathematics
  • Current Affairs
  • General Knowledge on taxes and revenues
  •  GMAT Based Questions

Samples of FIRS Recruitment Test Past Questions And Answers

1. What does the green color of the flag of Nigeria represent?

  • A. Forests and abundant natural wealth of Nigeria
  • B. Peace
  • C. Fertility
  • D. Temperate climate

2. In which state is the Mambila plateau situated?

  • A. Plateau
  • B. Taraba
  • C. Niger
  • D. Bauchi
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3. In tax-deductible estate income, Aremu pays N16,000. The marginal tax rate of Aremu is 25 percent, 20 percent is the effective tax rate and 22 percent is the average rate. Given that, for other reasons, Aremu uses an itemized deduction, her tax savings from paying the property tax are

  • A) N3,200.
  • B) N3,520.
  • C) N4,000.
  • D) N8,000.

4. Sola had the following income and losses:

  • Salary N75,000
  • Prize from quiz show 25,000
  • Unemployment compensation 8,000
  • Embezzled funds 30,000
  • Partnership Income 35,000

5) What is the adjusted gross revenue (not taxable income) of Sola?

  • A) N135,000
  • B) N143,000
  • C) N165,000
  • D) N173,000

5. Interest credited to a bank savings account would be charged irrespective of whether it is withdrawn or not.

  • a. True
  • b. False

6. In the Tax Code, one of the following is not a big business internal revenue tax.

  • a. Value-Added Tax
  • b. Excise Tax
  • c. Income Tax
  • d. Percentage Tax

7. One of these existed until the outbreak of World War II.

  • a. The OAU
  • b. The League of Nations
  • c. The UNO
  • d. The Commonwealth of Nations

8. The Nigerian Inland Revenue Department was split from Anglophone West Africa’s Inland Revenue Department and formed in what year as an autonomous body under the supervision of the Commissioner of Income Tax?

  • A. 1960
  • B. 1963
  • C. 1943
  • D. 1999

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