Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Past Questions and Answers | GTBank Aptitude Test Questions

Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Past Questions and Answers: To get employed with GT Bank, you must go through a recruiting procedure that might be lengthy. You can, however, triumph in their recruiting test with the aid of studying these past questions.

The easiest approach to ace the GT Bank recruitment screening test is to study the proper information, such as GT Bank Recruitment Previous Questions and Answers.

How to Pass GTBank Interview Aptitude Test 

If you truly want to scale through the GTBank recruitment, you should obtain a copy of the GTBank Recruitment Past Questions and Answers for a variety of reasons. First, understanding that there are many individuals vying for the same job, using the GTBank previous questions and answers to prepare can offer you an advantage or head start over other applicants.

Second, studying using this study guide will assist you in comprehending the nature and structure of the recruiting questions, as well as how to respond to them.

Therefore, when you want to stand out from the crowd or improve your chances of landing a GTBank job, now is your time. Simply obtain a copy of GTBank’s previous questions and answers and study them thoroughly. To assist you, we have provided a link below where you may obtain a copy of the document, which also includes some important information regarding GTBank Recruitment.

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Content  of GT Bank Recruitment Past Questions 

If you’re preparing for a GTBank recruiting aptitude exam, you can be confident that the majority of the questions will be advanced thinking / IQ questions that will need a lot of focus, speed, and accuracy. Thank God, our GT Bank’s previous questions and answers material will lead you through it all.

The following key topics are used to generate questions for this GTB aptitude exam study guide:

Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Graphical Interpretation, Current Affairs, History, Common Knowledge.

Sample Questions in Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Past Questions 

1. If the digits in the number 86435192 are arranged in ascending order, what will be the difference between the digits which are second from the right and fourth from the left in the new arrangement?

(1) One

(2) Two

(3) Three

(4) Four

(5) None

2.  If five is subtracted from each of the numbers, which of the following numbers will be the difference between the second digit of the second-highest number and the second digit of the highest number?

  • (l)Zero
  • (2)3
  • (3) 1
  • (4) 4
  • (5)2

3.  Read the following information carefully and answer the questions, which follow:

  • ‘A – B’ means “A is father of B’.
  • ‘A + B’ means ‘A is daughter of B’.
  • ‘A ÷ B’ means ‘A is son of B’.
  • ‘A x B’ means ‘A is wife of B’.

141. How is P related to T in the expression P + S – T ‘?

  • (1) Sister
  • (2) Wife
  • (3) Son
  • (4) Daughter
  • (5) None of these

4. If it is possible to make only one meaningful word with the First Second. Third and Filth letters of the word TECHNOLOGY which of the following would be the third letter of that word? If no such word can be made, give ‘X’ as your answer and if more than one such word can be formed, give your answer as ‘Y’.

  • (1)C
  • (2) T
  • (3) N
  • (4) X
  • (5)Y
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In each question below are three statements followed by three conclusions numbered I. II and III. You have to take the three given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and then decide which of the given conclusions logically follows from the three given statements disregarding commonly known facts. Then decide which of the answers 1), (2), (3), 4), and (5) is the correct answer.

5.   Statements: Some tables are chairs. All chairs are houses.

All houses are tents.

Conclusions: I. All houses are chairs. II. Some tents are chairs.

III. Some houses are tables.

  • (1) Only I and II follow
  • (2) Only I and III follow
  • (3) Only II and III follow
  • (4) All I, II, and III follow
  • (5) None of these

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