LUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions PDF Download

LUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions: We are glad to inform all candidates that we have complied the Lagos State Teaching Hospital school of nursing past questions with correct answers on our web store for download. would like to know how to download the LTH School of Nursing past questions on PDF? if yes i urge you to read till the end of this article as it will tutor you on how how to download the past question without stress.

LUTH School Of Nursing Past Questions PDF Download

before we proceed to show you the procedures on how you can download the past question it is needful that you have knowledge about the school in which u want to write their entrance exams because you might come some questions about the school when writing the screening exams  see full details below.

About Luth School of Nursing

The nearly 60-year-old school can boast of an academic atmosphere that is rich in clinical education, practical learning, and groundbreaking science. His e-library and state-of-the-art simulation laboratory are second to none among Nigerian schools of nursing

benefit of Downloading Luth School of Nursing Past Questions

There are a lot of benefit when you download this past question statistics has prove that the level of failure from candidates who wrote the screening exams are primarily based on last of adequate preparation for the exams. like a wise man once said the your level of your preparation determine your success download this past question and study it intensively and say no to failure.

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Samples of  Luth School of Nursing Past Question

  1. It was observed that substance X has the ability to lose mass when exposed to air, then X is likely to be
    1. Efflorescent
    2. Deliquescent
    3. Hygroscopic
    4. Effervescent
    5. Fluorescent
  2. An organic compound used as an aesthetic agent is?
    1. CH4
    2. C6 H5 cl
    3. CHB3
    4. CHcl3
    5. CH3 OH
  3. Consider the reaction given below;If the reaction was carried out about 270C & the enthalpy and entropy changes were

+ 4500 J and + 12 J respectively. Then calculate the Gibb’s free energy change a) + 800J

  1. b) + nine00 J
  2. c) –800J
  3. d) – nine00 J
  4. e) +700J
  1. What is the total number of carbons in every phenol ring?
    1. 4
    2. 5
    3. 6
    4. 7
    5. 3
  2. The separation technique that suits the petroleum industry is?
    1. Chromatography
    2. Fractional chrystallization
    3. Centrifugation
    4. Distillation
    5. Fractional distillation
  3. The number of substitutable hydrogen atom[s] in an acid is called?
    1. Acidity
    2. Corrosity
    3. Basicity
    4. Activity
    5. Reactivity
  4. A substance that conducts electricity either in liquid or molten state is termed?
    1. Ferrolyte
    2. Lead accumulator
    3. Electrode
    4. Moltar
    5. Electrolyte
  5. The structure of benzene was drawn by                   
    1. Benjamin Kekule
    2. Thomas martins
    3. Henry bexquerel
    4. Graham
    5. August Kekule

How to Download Luth School of Nursing Past Questions PDF

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