Union Bank Past Questions & Answer | Union Bank Aptitude Test Questions

Union Bank Past Questions & Answer | Union Bank Aptitude Test Questions All you need is our simple and straight-to-the-point Past Questions and Answers to Pass the Union Bank recruitment Aptitude Test. It will prepare you for your greatest performance in the most effective and simple way possible.

Following the procedures below, you can now download the Union Bank Job Aptitude Test Past Questions with Correct Answers right now on this website. You’ll need to save the previous questions to your phone and PC. If you have applied for a job with Union Bank and want to pass the Job Aptitude Test that will be held shortly, I recommend that you read this article all the way to the end to get all the facts.

How to Pass Union Bank Aptitude Test Questions

It’s good to have the essential qualifications, but it’s not enough. There are others who have it, and some who are a little better qualified than you. But the most essential thing is that you obtain an interview. This will play a big role in whether or not you obtain the job. You must also pass the test to advance to the interview stage.

This is where a lot of individuals go wrong: they don’t study the right stuff. As a result, we’ve prepared a list of previous queries and answers to assist you in streamlining your study. Your chances of progressing to the next stage are significantly greater with the prior questions than without them. So hurry purchase yours, and then you can thank me later.

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Content  of Union Bank Recruitment Past Questions 

The following basic categories are used to generate questions for this Union Bank aptitude exam practice pack:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Numerical Reasoning
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Common Knowledge

Sample Questions in Union Bank Past Questions 

The unpleasant feeling passed and she glanced guardedly up at him. He was walking unmarked in moonlight, innocent of her reaction to him. She felt then – this thought had come to her before – that there· might be more to him than she had imagined. She felt ashamed she had ever thanked him for the help he had given her father.

1. She glanced at him when

  • (a) He walked alone and unnoticed in moonlight
  • (b) She was sure that she was not being noticed
  • (c). Her reactions did not have any effect on him
  • (d) The unpleasant feeling passed

2. Her unpleasant feeling passed when

  • (a) He did not take any notice of her
  • (b) The moonlight was beautiful
  • (c) She realized her sense of shame
  • (d) She looked carefully at him

3. She was ashamed because

  • (a) She was spying on him
  • (b) There was more to him than she had imagined
  • (c) A recurring thought came back to her
  • (d) She had never thanked him for his help to her father

How To Download Union Past Questions and Answers.

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