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Nigerian Law School Past Questions | Law School Exam Past Questions & Answers 2021: Are you currently preparing for the Nigeria Law School screening process? Do you want to study in the magnificent Tuskite Republic? Therefore, in an attempt to win the screening exercise, you’ll need to equip yourself with previous questions and answers.

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You can now Download the real law school test questions and answers on hand, as well as the answers. Even Nigerian law school multiple-choice questions are scanned in the past questions, which means we made an effort to get previous question papers from the law school in order to make them available to anybody interested in purchasing past questions and answers.

By studying the Nigerian law school materials and the Nigerian Law School Past Questions and Answers, you will have a thorough understanding of the Nigerian law school marking scheme, allowing you to have a complete understanding of the format of the questions. The bar test isn’t like any other. Because of the verbatim repeating of questions, research has shown that one of the methods to score high in any scholarly screening exercise is to do a thorough study of its Past Questions and Answers.

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Reasons You Must Download  Nigerian Law School Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answers

As previously said, there are many graduates searching for admission to Nigerian law school for this to become a reality you must be sufficiently prepared to be among the chosen few.

You will learn the sort of questions given and the answers required in the aptitude exam by reviewing the Nigerian law school’s past questions and answers.

Furthermore, obtaining it will enable you to study long and hard enough to be certain of gaining a seat at the Nigerian law school. This is due to the fact that reviewing Nigerian law school’s previous questions and answers can assist you to identify questions that are likely to show up on test day. Because these previous questions and solutions are frequently repeated, you will be solving problems that are more likely to appear on the test.

Content of Nigerian Law School Past Questions

10. One of the following statements about the gift of the house to Omore is correct
a) The gift will be valid if Omore survived her father
b) The gift will be valid if Omore obtains an assent from the executors
c) The gift is valid because Omore was closest to her father
d) The gift is not valid on the ground of customary restriction on the rights of Ogene Johnson to make a will *

11. Where a child is a beneficiary in a will having a sole executor
a) Allow the infant nominate a guardian
b) Appoint an administrator to take over the estate
c) Appoint a Guardian *
d) The court shall not grant probate to the will

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12. Below are examples of documents which constitute good root of title except one
a) Certificate of title
b) A deed of gift
c) Equitable mortgage *
d) Registered titles

13. A solicitor conducting search of a land needs not look at:
a) The land registry
b) The land itself
c) The probate Registry
d) None of the above *

14. The order of perfection of a deed of assignment is one of the following
a) Governor’s consent, Stamping and Registration *
b) Stamping, Registration and Governor’s Consent
c) Registration, Stamping and Governor’s Consent
d) Governor’s Consent, Registration and Stamping
Mr. Rich-Boy MoneyMan is a prominent Politian who own properties in Jos, Enugu, Lagos, Portharcourt, Dubai, America and Abuja. He intends to sell one of his properties located at Plot 223 Ministers Hill, Maitama Abuja to Mrs. Rose.

15. As regards Mr. Rich-Boy’s property in PortHarcourt all of these Laws are relevant except:
a) The Conveyancing Act
b) The Land Use Act
c) The Land Tenure Law *
d) The Statute of Fraud

16. Which of the persons below is saddled with the responsibility of drafting the document required at the contract stage of the transaction
a) Mr. Rich-Boy’s Solicitor *
b) Mrs. Rose’ Solicitor
c) The two Solicitors acting together
d) Registrar of deeds

17. One of the following does not apply after the contract stage:
a) Mr. Rich-Boy’s death will not affect the contract
b) Mr. Rose is automatically entitled to possession *
c) Mr. Rose acquires equity in respect of the property
d) Mr. Rich-Boy becomes a qualified trustee in respect of the property

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18. Which of the following is not a feature of a deed?
a) Stamping *
b) Sealing
c) Delivery
d) Signing

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