NAFDAC Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions And Answers PDF

Download  NAFDAC Past Questions and Answers and be confident to be recruited to the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control. We encourage all candidates that have been invited to write the  NAFDAC recruitment aptitude test to download and study this past intensively so that they can succeed in the examination. would you love to know how to download the past question if yes Continue reading on this page?


NAFDAC Recruitment Aptitude Test Past Questions

Why You Need NAFDAC Past Questions and Answers

The major purpose you need the NAFDAC Recruitment Test Past Questions paper and the answer is to learn more about how the exam will be, as many recent questions that have been placed for annual exams also repeat themselves. Also, having past questions and answers from the NAFDAC recruitment will help you prepare for the test properly and help you familiarize yourself with the existence and form of questions posed and the answers needed.

In addition, learning this past question and answer pack will help you develop the confidence you need for the recruitment test at NAFDAC. This is because training with this pack will help you uncover problems that are likely to come up on the day of the exam. But, since these past questions and responses are frequently repeated, you are going to address problems that are more likely to occur on the day of the aptitude exam.

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As a matter of concept, NAFDAC recruitment test questions are chosen systematically from the following core areas:

  • i. English language
  • ii. Mathematics
  • iii. Current Affairs
  • iv.  General Knowledge of drugs and foods
  • GMAT Section
  • Essay questions
  • Concentration tests
  • Spatial Ability
  • Data Checking

Sample Questions On NAFDAC Past Questions

When a person gradually needs more of a drug to get the same effects, it’s referred to as:
A. Partying
B. Tolerance
C. Withdrawal

2. What is the full meaning of USAID?

  • A. United States Agency for International Development
  • B. United States Ambassadors for International Development
  • C. United States Agenda for International Development
  • D. United States Agency for Internal Development

3. NACA stands for

  • A. National Committee on Aviation
  • B. National Action Committee on Aids
  • C. National Alliance Congress Party
  • D. Nigerian Agency Commonwealth and Asia

4. Which state has its slogan as ‘the jewels of the savannah’

  • A. Ogun
  • B. Yobe
  • C. Taraba
  • D. Gombe

5. Which of these countries is odd?

  • A. Ghana
  • B. Nigeria
  • C. Mali
  • D. Tanzania

6. The global system of mobile communication came into Nigeria in

  • A. 1999
  • B. 1971
  • C. 2004
  • D. 2010

How to Download the NAFDAC Recruitment Test Past Questions

The test questions can be downloaded, and you can have them in pdf format on your computer, making it easy to download the NAFDAC Aptitude Test  Past Questions.

These past questions and answers cost N2,000 only we will send them directly to your email. Following the guidelines below to make your payment.

To download the NAFDAC Aptitude Test Past Questions and Answer, follow the steps below:

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