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TRCN  Past Questions: The Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria (TRCN) Professional Qualifying Examination Past Questions & Answers (PDF) is available for candidates who want to prepare to succeed in the TRCN Aptitude Test. Go through the past questions and answers if you are going to write the TRCN exam it will enable you to understand the kind of questions to expect, and You’re going to be fully prepared to score high on the test.

TRCN Examination Past Questions

TRCN  Screening Test Past Questions and Answers

In any test, knowing its nature is the first step to success. In fact, it is only through knowing its nature that you will be able to know how best to learn. The TRCN test typically tests applicants for their comprehension of the teaching skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. In higher institutions, it goes beyond standard classes to assess practical abilities.

So, to pass your examinations with flying colors, you need this study kit. Basically, if you prepare with the previous questions and answers, over 80 percent of the questions you will face in the exam hall will be familiar and easily answered.

TRCN Examination Questions 2023

1. Idioms and figures of speech help the language used to achieve the following

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a. Beauty and color
b. Style and creativity
c. Originality
d. Pride

2. What is the nearest in meaning to the underlined phrase in the following sentence: kemi confessed that her plan to wed John is “up in the air”.

a. Cancelled
b. Undecided
c. In media
d. Concluded

3. Identify the nearest in meaning to the underlined: the new radio presenter puts on airs in her style.

a. Blows airs
b. Shouts
c. Is pompous
d. Is hardworking

4. Identify the figure of speech in the following sentence: His tongue cuts sharper than dagger.

a. Hyperbole (exaggeration)
b. Metaphor
c. Irony

d. personification

When is the TRCN Exam 2023?

TRCN Exams will be held in all 36 states as well as the federal capital area. As a result, your home state is well-represented. The TRCN Examination does not need you to go outside of your state.

As previously indicated, the examinations are computer-based. On Saturday, January 18th, 2020, the prior examinations were taken. All applicants and candidates will be notified of the date for this year’s TRCN Exams through their registered email and phone number. However, we will make certain that it is also updated on this website.

Therefore, downloading previous questions and answers from the TRCN analysis is not only appropriate but also your best bet to ensure that you do not pay the registration fee twice.

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